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Frequently Asked Questions
Freaquently asked questions about our tuition services.

For Parents and Students

1. How do I engage a private home tuition tutor through ?
Click & search and contact our tutors directly. Make your request directly our tutor fast, simple and convenience

2. Do I have to pay to post my job request?
Job posting is 100% free for students and parents.

3. How long does it take to get a tutor after submitting a request ?
That will be depend your job requestment, and tutors will contact you around 48 hours or less to discuss the details, such as schedule, rate, appointment etc.

4. Can I change the tutor if I found that he or she is not suitable?

Please negotiable with the tutor directly

5. How much do the tutors charge?
This is highly dependent on your search criteria for a tutor and would different from individual to individual. You may refer to our tuition rate page. Of course, it is just a guide and is subjected to changes.

6. How is the timetable scheduled?
The timetable can be flexible as per your requirements and is negotiable with the tutor.

7. Are the tutors our employees?
No. does not employ any tutor. We only provide tutors network directory service. Thus, we are not responsible for any misconduct by the tutors.


For Tutors
1. How do I register myself as a private home tutor?
You may register via our online registration page, the registration process should take less than 10 minutes.

2. Do I have to pay for the registration ?
No, registration as a tutor is free of charge.

3. Did i need to pay any success job referral fee 50% for first month ?
No need. We no charges any 50% referral fee from our tutors. All tutor is directly contact and deal with parents or agents

4. What are the benefits to register as a tutor?
Once you are registered as a tutor, you are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:
- Your profile will be posted in our website, and searchable by the parents or agent through our website.
- You can apply for unlimited Tuition jobs as you like after login into your account.
- We might shortlist you as a tutor for certain tuition jobs.

4. Do I have to pay for the referral service? will not charges any successful referral fee or first month commission fee.

You may send us an email at or whatsapp / wechat at 016-5099 799